5 reasons why you should book junk removal instead of a skip

5 reasons why you should book junk removal instead of a skip


When people think of getting rid of junk and rubbish from their property the first thought is often to look to hire a skip, but if you jump to that decision you may be wasting time and money when you could call a junk collection and disposal company instead.

Here are five reasons to consider booking junk collection instead of hiring a skip:

Skip hire can be expensive

Costs vary across the country, but in London if you need to hire a mini (2 yard) skip for a week then it will cost you around £220. Meanwhile a 4 yard skip would cost around £275, a 6 yard skip would cost around £360, and you could be paying up to £450 to hire a large 8 yard skip for the week.

When compared to these prices, calling a junk removal team like BBOJunk can save you a significant amount of money. Fees for junk removal start at just £30 per collection, and so if you are only removing a few large items such as old mattresses or tyres then the whole transaction could be under £100. And if you have a large volume of rubbish that you need collected then a full load in our tipper truck costs just £350, and all your junk will be removed in a single trip.

Skips permits and regulations can be confusing

In general, skip hire companies are responsible for getting skip licences (also known as skip permits) before they drop off a skip at your premises, but in some areas you may need to find this permit yourself, which can cost £30 or more for the week. Regulations also stipulate that if you have a skip on the road you may also need reflective markings, traffic cones, and night-time safety lamps.

Meanwhile, junk collection is immediate and your rubbish can be disposed of with little fuss. The junk collection truck will turn up at your premises and the rubbish removal team will collect your items and take them away in the tipper van without you needing to look at local council regulations.

Junk removal offers more flexible timings

Skips are generally hired for a week or more, and skip hire companies often require bookings to be made a week or more in advance. Junk removal is a more flexible way to dispose of your waste, as bookings can be made for next day collections and with BBOJunk you can even choose whether you want morning or afternoon collections to make sure the pickup will be at the most convenient time for you.

Items are more likely to be recycled and upcycled by junk removal

Most good skip hire companies will try to recycle as much of the waste from a skip as possible, but with the rubbish in skips left open to the elements for days or weeks, less of the contents will be reusable when compared to the items removed by junk removal companies.

When a skip is collected, the waste from it goes through three stages – sorting, treatment and processing, and disposal. This process helps with reducing the amount of rubbish that ends up in landfill. However, when you are disposing of a mattress, sofa, cupboard, or similar large items of furniture they are more likely to be recycled or upcycled by a junk removal company that removes them the same day than if they have been sitting in a skip with other rubbish and waste for weeks before being cleared.

Junk removal companies will collect items you cannot put in a skip

Both the skip hire and junk removal industries must comply with strict environmental regulations, but as skips and rubbish removal serve slightly different purposes they also have different items that they can can cannot collect. Most importantly, you cannot put electrical appliances, computers, TVs, or monitors in skips, but junk removal companies will happily pick these up at prices starting at just £5 for a small TV.

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