6 ways to make moving home easier

6 ways to make moving home easier


Moving house is always a stressful exercise that takes longer than we expect, but there are ways to ease the pain from starting with a clear-out to properly labelling each box. Here are six tips to make moving house as easy as possible.

1. Start by decluttering your home

When you are faced with a whole property to sort out and pack up, it can feel like a daunting task. Make it a little bit easier for yourself by starting the packing process with a thorough clear out.

Before putting anything away into a packing box, ruthlessly sort through all your possessions room by room and purge any unused or unnecessary items. Not only will this process help you get mentally prepared for packing up your house and help you work out where to start, you will end up getting rid of bags and bags of unwanted items which you can get picked up by your favourite London junk delivery company. Decluttering and clearing out your property first means fewer boxes to pack up, transport, and then unpack again on the other end. You will be able to start life in your new home with a clean slate.

2. Book help early to set a deadline

Once you have successfully decluttered your property, now is the time to work out the best day to move your items and book in the help of any moving services or a man with a van. At this point you should have a rough idea of how many boxes you may be packing, and so you should be able to book any help you need relatively easily.

Not only will booking early make sure you have the help available when you need it, but you are also likely to get the best price, and you will have a deadline to work towards with packing up the house.

3. Find the right-sized boxes

It can be tempting to try and pack up all your items into a few larger boxes, but once you start trying to lift and carry these boxes, you will realise that a greater number of smaller boxes is probably the way to go. Yes, this might mean more trips to pack up the removal van, but the boxes will hold their strength and you won’t be left repacking up your items from the front lawn after the bottom of a box fell out due to the weight of your book library.

Books and other heavy items should be packed into small/medium boxes to avoid them becoming too heavy, and always remember to pack any gaps in the boxes with clothing or towels so that their contents is secure. Professional movers often refuse to move boxes that feel loosely packed or unbalanced.

4. Make it manageable by going room toroom

There are numerous ways to approach packing up a whole house, but in reality it is easiest to avoid any complexity and just go room to room. Packing up a single room is a much more manageable task than trying to pack up the whole house in an afternoon, so start with the least used rooms such as an office or spare bedroom, and slowly work you way through the whole property over a few days.

5. Carefully label each box by room and contents

When you are packing your tenth box of the day and starting to get a little bored, it can be easy to forget to correctly label a box. However, you will thank yourself when unpacking if you have taken those extra few seconds to label every box with the room you plan to unpack its contents in. It can take days or weeks to completely unpack, and if you suddenly need to find a particular book or item of clothing, having each box correctly labelled will save you a lot of time and stress.

6. Make a list of places to update your address

As you are going round the house and packing up your items, it is useful to start thinking about which companies, organisations, and people you will need to send your updated address. Friends and family are the easy ones to remember, but don’t forget to also update the DVLA, HMRC, your bank, and all the online stores that currently store your credit card details for easier checkout.

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