How to clear out student accommodation at the end of the year

How to clear out student accommodation at the end of the year


After the exams at the end of the academic year, the last thing on any student’s mind is how best to clear out the junk they have collected over the past 12 months, especially at the end of third year with the real world beckoning. However, if you want the best chance of getting your deposit back from your landlord then making sure that your flat is fully clear of any rubbish and deep cleaned is a must.

Too often changeover day is marked by rubbish being piled up on the street as students move out, with the situation bad enough for the BBC to publish a report into the issue and MPs to weigh in on the issue. However, the issue is often nothing to do with students being thoughtless, but instead a combination of not having a car big enough to take large items to the skip as well as moving out a few days before bin-day, so their rubbish bags are left cluttering the street for longer than they should.

BBOJunk solves both of these issues, as our friendly team of junk removal specialists can collect junk from your property on a day that is convenient to you, and we can fit all sorts of large items into the back of our tipper van, from sofas to wardrobes and everything in between. And we will try and recycle as much of your junk as possible as well, so that as little ends up in landfill as possible.

What sort of junk do students leave behind?

Books – At the end of your studies, your textbooks may have little value to you, and with publishers updating these books every year they may not be worth much on resale. BBOJunk will collect and recycle any old books or magazines you may have lying around.

Broken TVs and laptops – After 3 years of heavy use, many TVs and laptops will start to malfunction and need repairing or replacing. These technological items cannot go in the rubbish as they contain batteries, and some elements may be salvageable if take to the right place. BBOJunk will make sure all your broken electrical items are recycled in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Mattresses – Beds and mattresses are too large to fit in most cars and so students can find them difficult to dispose of, but they all fit easily into our tipper van and we can dispose of them safely and securely.

Miscellaneous rubbish – Moving house is a great time to organise your life and dispose of anything that you know you will not want or need in the future. If you are left with a number of binbags full of miscellaneous items after moving out then BBOJunk can collect those as well. You only need one junk removal booking for the full clearout.

What about landlords of student properties?

If you rent out your property as student accommodation and you have been left with an unwelcome amount of junk in the property after all the students have moved out then BBOJunk’s rubbish removal specialists are ready to help. Let us know a convenient time for us to come and collect the junk, and we will be there to help you clear out everything from broken old furniture to bin bags of waste.

If you need help clearing a student flat, call BBOJunk on 0208 244 5070 or book online.

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