January clear out: How dispose of your junk on a budget

January clear out: How dispose of your junk on a budget


January is the start of a new year and a great time to make some room in your property with a big clear out. Maybe your attic is overflowing with old electronics or children’s toys that haven’t been used in over a decade, or maybe you have a rusty old exercise bike taking up too much room in the garage. This month, make a plan to clear out all your old stuff to make space for an exciting 2023.

Skip vs junk removal

When people think about having a big clear out of their property, then the first thing that comes to mind is renting a skip. However, skips can be expensive, costing up to £450 to hire for a week, and require a variety of permits. In many cases, it is both easier and more cost effective to hire a junk removal van to come and pick up your rubbish after a big clear out.

What about my old electronics?

If you have some old electronic devices that you want to dispose of, from old mobile phones and chargers, to clunky old televisions you have replaced with a big flat screen TV, or bulky stereo separates you have replaced with a SONOS connected sound system, a junk removal van will be able to pick up all of them in a single trip.

Can you dispose of my unused exercise equipment?

January is a time when many of us take up a new exercise routine to try and get fit, but if you have some old equipment from a previous year that you no longer make use of and is just taking up valuable space in your garage or spare room then we can remove that for you as well. From exercise bikes to rowing machines or indoor gym sets and weights, we can put it all in the back of our BBOJunk tipper van and dispose of it for you with ease.

We’ve bought a new sofa – can you remove the old one?

As large pieces of furniture, sofas can be difficult to remove if you only have a car, but they fit easily in our tipper van and we can pick them up from your front door along with all the other pieces of junk you would like to be taken away.

What is the impact on the environment?

As licensed waste removal experts, at BBOJunk we are focused on recycling and upcycling as much of what we pick up as possible. Whilst good skip hire companies will also recycle much of your rubbish, as we can pick up your junk on the same day, so that it is not sat in the rain and cold for days or weeks we can recycle or upcycle a much larger proportion of your junk – reducing the impact on the environment. If you want to dispose of your junk in the most environmentally way you can, then give us a call and book in a collection.

Is hiring a junk removal service expensive?

Not at all! We charge a minimum £30 call out fee and then a set price for the various items you need collected. Or, if you need to fill the entire van then we charge just £350 for the whole load – significantly less than hiring a large skip and as we will only be there a short time significantly more convenient as well.

Hiring BBOJunk to come and pick up your London rubbish after a January clear out is the most cost-effective option, saving you up to hundreds of pounds compared to other options. Get in touch today to book in your collection.

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